Authorizing Access to Your Xero Account

To initiate integration with Xero you first enable Xero Integration on the Manage / Company Settings screen. You then click on Connect. You will be redirected to a Xero login to authorize the connection. Once you are successfully authenticated you are redirected back to the Ezy-Time screen.

The screenshot here shows the authentication screen presented by Xero. You log in here using your Xero credentials. If your Xero account has access to multiple company accounts you will also be asked to select which of the companies you are connecting to.

Uploading Invoices to Xero

Once invoices have been prepared in Ezy-Time they can be uploaded to Xero accounting with a few button clicks.

The screenshot here shows 2 Ezy-Time invoices:

INV0105 - has been matched with a Xero customer, and has already been uploaded to Xero.

INV0106 - has yet to have the Ezy-Time client matched with a Xero customer. It cannot be uploaded until this matching is done.

Normally the Ezy-Time client name and the matched Xero customer contact name will be the same, unlike in this screenshot.

Matching Ezy-Time Clients with Xero Customers

Before invoices can be uploaded to Xero the Ezy-Time clients must be matched with a corresponding Xero customer contact.

The screenshot here shows 3 Ezy-Time clients. One of these - 'Central Districts Council' - has been matched already with Xero customer 'City Agency'. The client 'Global Solutions' client is being matched from the drop-down which lists the Xero customer contacts.

Normally the Ezy-Time clients and matching Xero customer contacts will have the same name.

Matching Ezy-Time Tasks with Xero Income Accounts

Before invoices can be uploaded to Xero the Ezy-Time tasks in the invoice must be matched with corresponding Xero income accounts.

The screenshot here shows 5 Ezy-Time tasks for client 'Metro Consulting'. When the invoice for Metro Consulting is uploaded to Xero the line items for these tasks are associated with Xero income accounts. The 'Document Management Project' task is already matched with the 'Other Revenue' Xero account. The 'Minor changes' task is being matched from the drop-down which lists the Xero customer income accounts.